Time to dream. Bedtime stories for young children.

submarine and swimmer

Land of the Black Castle is an adventure story of bravery and burrito burgling in the domain of Sir Egbert ‘Fuffy Pants’ Rotter, perhaps the smelliest of all knights. There are duels with tickling swords, polite-o-muffs to shield the brave from harsh words, bandit trees, a quest, mistaken identity, a tea-drinking queen, naughty bees, a tree-dwelling-acrobatic-trapeze-artist wise woman, and the fortitude of the Brussels-sprouts eating villagers of Little Dimmy. (8,000 words)

The other side of the hedge is a bedtime story of┬ámind-reading horses, ravens who teach chickens to fly, good friends, knitting, Mrs. Piecrust’s house where it’s a different time in each room, and the revenge of Chief Chicken Molly and her girls. I wrote this for a girl who was 6 at the time. (5,000 words)